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We provide market information and consulting services for -

Urban development
Arts + culture
Tourism + leisure

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HomeZone helps housing developers decide product designs by using trade off analysis with potential buyers.
HomeZone [PDF 70kb]

Market intelligence and advice

Environmetrics Pty Ltd is an independent social and market research consultancy providing specialist advice to business and government.

Founded in 1988, we have earned a reputation for quality data collection and comprehensive analysis. Based in Sydney, we work for clients in all states.

We have strong expertise in all forms of social research data collection and analysis: surveys, focus groups, indepth interviews, community consultation, observation methods, tracking and counting, as well as advanced statistical methods.

Our strategic consulting services assist our clients with product and service development and marketing.

Capability Statement [PDF 350k]
Creating Places that Work [PDF 40k]
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Environmetrics is an Australian company, based in Sydney, Australia, that offers market research and social research services. We conduct studies for the cultural sector, housing, urban, Tourism + leisure, Arts + culture, Hospitality, Communication, Entertainment, Retail Audits, and research into policy matters for the public sector. Quantitative surveys, statistical analysis, questionnaire design, data processing, qualitative research, focus group discussions, executive interiews, dynamic systems modelling, forecasting, and evaluation are all services that we offer. Research papers, intelligence, Australian market knowledge, leisure, tourism, culture, cultural studies, visitor surveys, statistics, relevance, data modelling, housing, residential markets, urban, public opinion, customer satisfaction, shopping. Environmetrics, social research, australian market research, leisure studies, visitor studies, marketing, market research, Rob Hall, Gillian Savage, Australia, visitor predictions, market modelling, social impact studies, australian market research, research papers, predict.