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the Visitor Experience

Answering the questions about who goes where and why.

We all have to leave home to do things like going to work, shopping, or school. But most of us can also go to places for fun, interest, or relaxation. 

These are “discretionary” visits or activities. For a long time, my colleagues and I have been researching the factors that influence and shape these discretionary activities. 

We have often been asked why a “place” is not working. Usually, it is because the design was not based on understanding what matches users' needs. As the famous place researcher Willian Whyte said: 

“It’s hard to design a place that will not attract people. What is remarkable is how often this has been accomplished.” 

Some of what we have discovered is outlined in these sections.

Choosing where to go can be easy or lead to endless discussion—especially if you are in a group. To see more about this, click on “Choosing the place”.

Choosing the place

Once we get to a place, the visit can be more or less satisfactory. A number of factors shape the outcome. To see more about this, click on :

“How a visit unfolds”.

How a visit unfolds